The quarter is coming to a close, and the air continues to drop in temperature… End-of-year lists are being prepared, and folks are turning in for the holidays… But that doesn’t mean the month of December can’t be host to some quality metal releases! Here are my picks for this month: Ash Borer – The […]

All is Bright: Anuhea, with Justin Young At Moe’s Alley

Anuhea‘s Coming to Town! And she’s bringing Justin Young! Playing Moe’s Ally Thursday, December 15th, a show that features holiday jams direct from the Hawaiian Islands. In the cold of midwinter, this might be the touch of warmth you can use.

Caleborate Interview & Concert Review

Wassup radio family, Last week I caught up with Berkeley rapper, Caleborate for a hefty interview before his headlining show in the Atrium. Rizal Aliga aka Mr. Hella Hyphy himself was also in attendance and wrote a solid concert review which is also below. Peep it! -Elbo SHOW REVIEW The Bay Area’s hip-hop scene has seen […]

Wiki Wiki Wednesday, Grateful for Artful Waves of Generosity

The Santa Cruz and Hawai’i surf connection was solidified again, recently. Fletch and JD, of the aSanta Cruz Board Builders Guild and Jeffery Devine Rockets, who work out of Doug Haut’s surf shop on the Westside of Santa Cruz, conspired with Wiki Wiki Wednesday music program founder MB for a tremendous surprise—an original art surf board!

WARM BREW! Tracing their Footsteps…

     Warm Brew is quintessentially West Coast – the two are synonymous. Their lyrics, though, are anonymous. (you’ll never hear ‘em copy! Top Notch Baby! Never coming less, sky’s the limit, you gots to believe up in… the Brew!) Their songs are riddled with personal experiences, never boasting of falsified encounters, and mainly speaking […]