Closet Free Radio 07/30/12

Kai and Richard talk LGBTQ affairs – the Olympics as well as Chick Fil A and marriage equality, community calender and announcements.

Closet Free Radio 7/23/12

LGBT news and public affairs, calendar, and announcements.

Closet Free Radio 7/09/12

Kai and Richard talk it over – GLBT public affairs; Glen Burke petition to be in baseball hall of fame; Google announces “legalize love” campaign; Barney Frank marries partner in Boston; community calendar & announcements.

Closet Free Radio 5/28/12

Santa Cruz Pride Special! Interview with Pride coordinators Chris Ann & Laura McCann, Mark Arellano ; Interview with Pink Saturday/ Dyke Trans March Coordinator “Vness”; Community Calendar & Announcements. 

Closet Free Radio 5/14/12

Kai and Richard discuss President Obama’s declaration on Gay Marriage; Harvey Milk Day Celebrations/Commemorations; CA bill to end conversion therapy; Community Calendar & Announcements.  

Closet Free Radio 5/07/12

In studio interview with Representatives of the Queer Youth Leadership Awards May 12 @ Shoreline Middle School as well as an interview with Representatives from “May is So Gay” @ UCSC; GLBT events for the week & beyond; Community Calendar & Announcements.