Closet Free Radio 4/30/12

Interviews with Jim and Chrisann about Santa Cruz Pride; interview with Simone about empower & UCSC “May is So Gay” events. Community calendar & announcements. 

Closet Free Radio 3/26/12

Interview with Jim Brown and Stephanie Zaylor about Santa Cruz Pride June 6th. Community Calender and announcements 

Closet Free Radio 1/30/12

Guest DJ Carnita talks about Hard French Winter Ball 2012; calendar, and announcements. 

Closet Free Radio 1/16/12

Kai and Richard discuss MLK Day, Civil Rights Secial, Obama’s HRC Dinner Speech, and H. Clintons Speech at the U.N, plus Community Calender!

Closet Free Radio 1/02/12

Topics of this Closet Free include the  2012 political outlook for LGBT in US, new CA laws, community calendar and announcements. 

Closet Free Radio 12/19/11

Kai and Richard talk about the LGBT year in review, holiday tips from PFLAG, top news stories of 2011, community calendar and announcements.