Conciliation Sunday 6/12/11

The first part of the show features “The Power of Love,” an excerpt from a Sounds True audio course entitled The Living Wisdom of Howard Thurman. Later in the program, Grace Caitlin join host, Kevin Spitzer, for a conversation about her work as a life coach. Caitlin specializes in cutting-edge consciousness skills that build transcendent relationships in couples, groups, and organizations. 

Conciliation Sunday 7/10/11

Kevin speaks with guest Melissa A Stone about weight loss, body image and self love.

Conciliation Sunday 4/10/11

Host Kevin Spitzer begins or Sunday morning  programming with a connection of body, mind, spirit, and emotions with Conciliation Sunday.

Conciliation Sunday 4/17/11


Sessions 1 by  “Rick Hanson PhD” from talk called “Stress-Proof Your Brain” and session 2 of “Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD” called “Woman as Indestructable Tree of Life” from the talk “The Dangerous Old Woman”

Read poem by Batua Brinelle entitled “mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotion”