The Jazz Charts: First Week of February

Yo! February’s off to a lovely start – continuous rain and good Jazz! Although a staple for most at this time of the year, things are really heating up here at KZSC, see for yourself:


1 KNEEBODY The Line Concord
3 BRIAN GEPHART Standing On Two Feet Origin
4 GHOST TRAIN ORCHESTRA Book Of Rhapsodies Accurate
5 MIKE JONES TRIO Plays Well With Others Capri
6 MULATU ASTATKE Mulatu Of Ethiopia Worthy
7 SCENES But Not Heard Origin
9 CATHERINE RUSSELL Bring It Back Jazz Village
10 SERGIO GALVAO Phantom Fish Pimenta


1 ANTON SCHWARTZ Flash Mob Antonjazz
2 RUSS NOLAN Relentless Rhinoceruss
3 JOE SULLIVAN Whiskey Jack Waltz Perry Lake
4 DANILO PEREZ Panama 500 Mack Ave.
5 CAVA MENZIES AND NICK PHILLIPS Moment To MomentHave a great week!



Jazzuary at it’s End – The Charts and Adds

Here’s what’s happening with Jazz at KZSC! There’s been tons of material dropping in lately, courtesy of all of our lovely promoters:


1    BEATA PATER    Golden Lady    Self-Released
3    MICHELLE ZANGARA    Songs Of Blue    MZRecords
4    CECILE MCLORIN SALVANT    WomanChild    Mack Ave.
5    CHARLES BOLES QUARTET    Blue Continuum    Detroit Music Factory
6    GEORGE COLLIGAN    The Endless Mysteries    Origin
7    CAROLYN LEE JONES    The Performer    Catnround
8    SERGIO GALVAO    Phantom Fish    Pimenta
9    CHICAGO JAZZ ORCHESTRA    Burstin Out    Origin
10    PINK MARTINI    Get Happy    Heinz


1    DONNA SINGER    Jazz In The Living Room    Emerald Bay
2    JOE SULLIVAN    Whiskey Jack Waltz    Perry Lake
3    CORY WEEDS QUINTET    Let’s Go    Cellar Live
4    DEE BELL    Silva Bell Elation
5    JAKE HERTZOG    Throwback    Zoho

Make sure to catch the fabulous John Abercrombie Quartet at Kuumbwa Jazz in Santa Cruz Monday February 10th!

John Coltrane A Love Supreme

John Hanrahan Quartet & Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”

The hosts of “Stirrin’ the Soup” had the pleasure of hosting two members from the Chicago-based group known as the John Hanrahan Quartet last week. John (the leader/drummer, now based in Santa Cruz) and his longtime bandmate/tenor saxophonist Brian Kephart, joined us for an exciting discussion about their show at Kuumbwa Jazz. When I heard that this group was going to perform Coltrane’s magnum opus A Love Supreme, I was impressed at the ambition of these guys – I mean,  what a piece to tackle! Here’s the crazy part: these guys meet up transnationally from Chicago to Santa Cruz every few years to play A Love Supreme without rehearsal, straight from the heart and from the top of the head. I went to their show and can say with unmatched certainty that these guys are amazing. Brian absolutely tears it up on the tenor sax and the rest of the band carries the tunes phenomenally. There was something special happening inside the Jazz Center that night; several attendees of the show reported sharing a feeling of spiritual connection to the music throughout the performance. Not quite speechless, but I can only express so much via text so please, find a comfy chair, sit back, relax and check out our discussion about the music we call “Jazz” if you like, and I hope you find it as stimulating as we did. Disclaimer: It’s a long one.



Mid-Jazzuary Music Charts


I hope your new year is off to a good roll, and I know we’re all looking forward to the good things ahead! Speaking of, here’s whats happening in the Jazz department at KZSC:

1    CECILE MCLORIN SALVANT    WomanChild    Mack Ave.
2    DAVID BECKER TRIBUNE    Distance Travel    Acoustic Music
4    KENNY GARRETT    Pushing The World Away    Mack Avenue
5    PHIL WOODS AND THE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA    New Celebration    Chiaroscuro
6    SERGIO GALVAO    Phantom Fish    Pimenta
7    JOHN CLAYTON    Parlor Series    Self-Released
8    TED BRANCATO    The Next Step
9    DIANE HUBKA    West Coast Strings    SSJ
10    BOBBY WATSON    Check Cashing Day    Lafiya

1    MATT RENZI    Rise And Shine    Three P’s
2    CHARLES BOLES QUARTET    Blue Continuum    Detroit Music Factory
3    JACQUES LESURE    When She Smiles    WJ3
4    STEVE TRESELER    Center Song    CMA
5    HERB SILVERSTEIN    Monday Morning    Self-Released


pharoah sanders

Pharoah Sanders Jan. 6th

Pharaoh Sanders got his start playing with Sun Ra and rose to fame in John Coltrane’s group. With that company, it’s only natural that he would rise to cultural significance. Possessing one of the most distinctive tenor saxophone tones in jazz, Sanders’ intense phrasing has become a touchstone of free-jazz. His classic 1960’s and 70’s albums have cultivated legions of followers worldwide. Making a rare stop in Santa Cruz with his current quartet, Pharaoh Sanders visits the intimate Kuumbwa Jazz Center for two shows Monday, January 6th. Showtimes are 7 & 9 pm.

Outer Bridge

End of 2013: Hot Jazz

I’d like to personally congratulate Northern California for surviving the Third Ice Age. Big cold front just passed through Santa Cruz, which made for ideal conditions to sit inside and listen to records all day. Here’s what’s happening in jazz during the end of a frozen December at KZSC:

  2. PINK MARTINI Get Happy (Heinz)
  3. COREY CHRISTIANSEN Lone Prairie (Origin)
  4. GEORGE COLLIGAN The Endless Mysteries (Origin)
  5. BOBBY WATSON Check Cashing Day (Lafiya)
  6. CRAIG YAREMKO Organ Trio  
  7. DAVID BECKER TRIBUNE Distance Travel (Acoustic Music)
  8. SERGIO GALVAO Phantom Fish (Pimenta)
  9. KENNY GARRETT Pushing The World Away (Mack Avenue)
  10. GEORGE COTSIRILOS TRIO Variations (oa2

Last minute…new releases worth sticking in your ears: JOHN CLAYTON Parlor Series; HOWARD ALDEN/ANDY BROWN QUARTET Heavy Artillery; ELEC TET Shiny Metal Objects; JASON LEE BRUNS JAZZ COLLECTIVE Live At Catalina Jazz Club.