KZSC @ 2018 UCRN (University of California Radio Network) Conference!

KZSC visits host 88.9FM KUCI (UC IRVINE) Radio for the Bi-Annual UCRN Conference! Directed & Edited by our Hip Hop Director RIZZYSTAYDIZZY#GIVE2KZSC

KZSC Staff in attendance: Rizal Aliga, Neroli Devaney, Kavya Aswadhati, Maelin Rose, Duncan Ober, Alex Varelijan, Kathy Hermosillo, Dani Lopez, Josh Zupan, Daniel Martinez

KZSC Alum Jesse Thorn featured in the LA Times

by Hayley Fox from on November, 7, 2018

Overlooking MacArthur Park Lake, Jesse Thorn is recording tracks for his latest “Bullseye” podcast episode inside a recording booth that he bought off Craigslist for $3,500. The approximately hour-long interview show, which also airs on NPR, features intimate conversations with musicians, artists, comedians, celebrities and creators of all kinds.

Thorn’s been making podcasts since 2004 when he was 23 years old, and he’s been talking into a mike since even earlier. As a sophomore at UC Santa Cruz, Thorn started “The Sound of Young America,” a radio show on KZSC-FM that eventually evolved into “Bullseye With Jesse Thorn” and made way for the full-fledged production company, Maximum Fun, which he oversees today.

image and link to LATimes article by Hayley Fox

KZSC Santa Cruz Radio DJs spin at the Santa Cruz Roller Palladium for the 2018 Spooky Roller Disco Night!

WATCH: KZSC Santa Cruz Radio DJs spin at the Santa Cruz Roller Palladium for the 2018 Spooky Roller Disco Night!

DJ Brandon Berry | DJ Rocko

Directed|Shot|Edited By: Rizal Aliga

Setup: Rocko Bauman | Ryan Cormack | Jasmine Stade | Jose Domingo | Sierra Grindstaff | Brandon Berry

KZSC Santa Cruz Radio DJs spin at the Annual UCSC Welcome Week Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Frolic 2018! *NSFW*

WATCH: KZSC Santa Cruz Radio DJs spin at the Annual UCSC Welcome Week Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Frolic 2018! *NSFW*

DJ Brandon Berry | DJ Kaviar | DJ RIZZYSTAYDIZZY

Directed By: Rizal Aliga & Kathy Hermosillo

Shot By: Rizal Aliga | Kathy Hermosillo | Rocko Bauman

Edited by: Rizal Aliga

Setup: Rocko Bauman | Duncan Ober | Alex Vareljian

Sat 9/1: Vinyl Swap Meet at Verve Coffee Roasters in Seabright


Load up on vinyl records at the 6th Annual Verve Coffee Record Swap on Saturday, September 1st! Co-promoted by KZSC and Metavinyl

Join KZSC and other local music vendors and discover new music and old favorites—all on glorious vinyl!

The record swap starts at 9 am at Verve Coffee’s Roastery and coffee bar at 104 Bronson Street, in Seabright – a few doors down from the Pacific Edge climbing gym.

KZSC will be there till 4pm and there will be food trucks, live music, and a local yard sale going on, too!

Admission and neighborhood parking are both free

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Concert Review: The Frights at the Catalyst Atrium (2.23.2018)

Review by: Lily Nauta

With their first album debuting in 2013 and their second and most recent in 2016, indie-rock band The Frights are a quickly growing group. The band picked up traction quick with lead singer Mikey Carnevale’s captivating vocals, paired with their tight drumming and pristine jangly guitar riffs.

The opening band On Drugs provided a psychedelic experience with the lead singer’s creeping, upper register vocals and metallic guitars. The band also hyped up the audience by unleashing the “Wall of Death”, in which the crowd divided then charged into each other at the height of the song. They’ve definitely inaugurated me into their fan club. The second opening band, Thee Commons, captivated the audience with their groovy Cumbia tunes and psychedelia. Like On Drugs, it was evident that Thee Commons knew how to harness the crowds energy– which they did with their low growling voices and audience engagement.

By the time The Frights entered the stage, the vibe was perfect. And the audience—consisting almost entirely of fellow slugs—was especially hyped after the band entered to a voice recording of them singing “Santa Cruz is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s!”. We slugs appreciate a good pun. Throughout the show, Mikey continued to make reference to Santa Cruz stereotypes; at one point even stopping just to gesture at a large group at the center to say, “Aw I love you guys, that is Santa Cruz right there- just a big group of guys jumping around in a circle.”

From the dense air to the towering “used car-sale blow up” decorations, the venue was atmospherically in tune with the entire room; thus creating an almost ethereal connection between the band and the audience.  The cloud of smoke looming over the audience further swallowed everyone into the bluesy haze during  songs like “Haunted” and “Of Age”. On the contrary, Mikey’s cosmic screeches in songs like “Crust Bucket” and “You Are Going to Hate this” caused the audience to lash out into a beautiful moshing frenzy.

Speaking of moshing frenzy, I (as a relatively small gal) made the poor choice of maneuvering my way into the center of the pit, only to find myself on the ground moments later with several large sweaty men on top of me. As they scrambled to get up, I laid there paralyzed like a little carcass or something and was eventually lifted up by the camaraderie of the mosh pit. Once back onto my feet, I was hugged by a very kind (and very sweaty) fella who patted me on the back to make sure I was okay. I never knew almost getting trampled could be such a euphoric experience. For the entirety of the show I jammed sporadically (this time on the sidelines) while engulfed in the visceral screams and intoxicating melodies of The Frights.

At the end of the night, the band concluded by saying, “we’ve traveled all around the US and you guys honestly are my favorite”. I guess these slugs are bananas.