Closet Free Radio 03/25/13

Kai and Richard talk with local GLBT Alliance representative Merrie Schaller on SCOTUS hearings & Prop. 8.

Closet Free Radio 03/18/13

Kai and Richard talk about Senator Portman who comes out for gay marriage, RNC’s news report that encourages focus on LGBT & other minorities, new poll on support for gay marriage, Hillary Clinton comes out in favor of gay marriage.

Closet Free Radio 12/17/12

Kai and Richard host another LGBTQ holiday special. Click Play to listen.

Closet Free Radio 11/19/12

This week on Closet Free, Kai and Richard talk about Trans* Day of Remembrance and Trans* Awareness week! Make sure you don’t miss this one!

Closet Free Radio 11/12/12

Another Closet Free for another day! Click the play button to listen!

Closet Free Radio 10/01/12

Closet Free would like to inform you that October is LGBT history month presenting an interview with Stuart Loomis in 1980 describing gay life in San Francisco from WWII-1980! Click the PLAY button to listen!