Mid-October New RPM Sounds

Just before the Halloween parties begin, here’s a list of 5 new and spinning releases on KZSC electronic music/RPM shows:

  1. SOUNDS FROM THE GROUND / Tribes (Upstream)
  2. ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER / R Plus Seven (Warp)
  3. MOBY / Innocents (Mute)
  4. VITALIC / Fade Away Remixes (Different)
  5. NIGHTMARES ON WAX / Feelin’ Good (Warp)

Check out the new days, times & shows featuring electronic music this fall on KZSC…and don’t forget to donate during our Pledge Drive!


Depeche Mode’s new CD “DELTA MACHINE”

Depeche Mode’s new CD “DELTA MACHINE” has the group back with the electro-grundge sound that harkens back to their mid ’90s material. The group now features a full-time drummer and Martin seems to play guitars most of the time.


‘Welcome To My World’ opens the album with heavy beats and an ominus soundscape.

The first single release ‘Angel’ is as heavy with lots of clicks and buzzing chirps.

‘Heaven’ is the second single that features duets with lead singer Dave Gahan and lyracist Martin Gore.

‘Broken’ is a likeable mellow tune with a sinister electro beat.
“You can’t fake it, I can feel it, You were broken from the start”

‘Should Be Higher’ opens like a rush of fresh air at a slow pace with a big bass drum beat with a progressive drive.
“Your lies are more attractive then the truth”

‘Soothe My Soul’ is the third single release and perhaps my favorite and it’s danceable. A lusty song about knocking down doors and getting what ya need.
“There’s only one way to soothe my soul!”

‘Alone’ is a hypnotic track about looking back at past love and circumstance.
“I was there when you needed me most…”

On a scale of 1 to 10, lamest to greatest, I give Delta Machine a 7.
Will it be a classic? Probably not.
Would I listen to it again? Yes.

Depeche Mode play live at Shoreline on Thursday, September 28th with Crystal Castles opening.
For a great live preview performance, search for the Depeche Mode “Live On Lettermen” 2013 webcast!

-DJ Danny “On The Radio”

“Living In The ’80s”

RPM Charts Second Week of September 2013

Jackson And His Computerband - GlowTop 10:

2 ATROPOLIS Transitions Cumba Mela
3 GOLD PANDA Half Of Where You Live Ghostly
4 DISCLOSURE Settle Cherrytree-Interscope
6 LORN Debris [EP] Ninja Tune
7 BLUE HAWAII Untogether Arbutus
8 JAMES BLAKE Overgrown Republic
9 DEADBOY Blaquewerk – EP Numbers
10 JESSY LANZA Pull My Hair Back Hyperdub

Top 5 Adds:

1 JESSY LANZA Pull My Hair Back Hyperdub
2 NIGHTMARES ON WAX Feelin’ Good Warp
3 INFINITY SHRED Sanctuary Paracadute
4 CLAUDE VONSTROKE Urban Animal Dirtybird
5 CELL BROCO Little Bit In Love Ninja Tune



Electronic Music Charts Finishing up August

What’s being played:

2 BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS Legend Remixed Tuff Gong-UME-Island
3 TECLA We Are The Lucky Ones Mayimba
4 PINK GIN Blame Me [EP] ClubMod
5 MINDELIXIR Lunology Outside
6 PRETTY LIGHTS Color Map From The Sun 8 Minutes 20 Seconds
7 CONGO NATTY Jungle Revolution Big Dada
8 MATIAS AGUAYO The Visitor Kompakt
9 DAFT PUNK Random Access Memories Columbia
10 MIXHELL Spaces Last Gang

Daft Punk remains popular as ever! Modrat’s II is filled with great tunes that keep the electronic shows bumpin’.

New adds this week:

1 ETIENNE DE CRECY Beats ‘n’ Cubes Vol. 2 Win
2 ADMIRERS Involuntary Memory Ardent
3 FLWRS AND MARALISA Muddy Your Feet [EP] Belgian Man
4 SUPERHUMANOIDS Exhibitionists Innovative Leisure

Etienne De Crecy supplies more French house and techno this week. Flwrs and Maralisa are worth a listen as well, especially if you’re fond of Purity Ring.