Talkabout 03/27/13

John has reporter Steve Palopali to talk about local newspapers as well as Joann Allen on jobs for youth in Santa Cruz.

Talkabout 03/20/13

On Talkabout: Roxi Sandidge, Kirsten Thompson and Ann Parker on a medical trip to Chad, Africa; Ann Parker on being a dining critic.

Talkabout 03/13/13

John has guests Katie Purcell, Harry Salzberg & John Fisher on local gun control issues as well as calls from listeners. 

Talkabout 03/06/13

This week on Talkabout Henry Cleveland joins the show to discuss mobile home park rent control. Following them is Mardi Buck on the Santa Cruz Police memorial.

Talkabout 02/27/13

John has Neil DelFino on the show talking about the oil industry & America’s energy supply/use.

Talkabout 02/20/13

Sleepy John has on the show Colter White and Neil Hellman.