Talkabout 02/06/13

John has guest Richard DeBoard on the gold & coin market in Santa Cruz. Also on the show is Brian Murtha, on the Santa Cruz Democrat club.

Talkabout 01/30/13

This week on Talkabout, John has Don Miller on the show to talk about local newspaper versus national papers. Also: Murray Sheckman on police dogs in our schools. 

Talkabout 01/23/13

John has guest Naslsh Dhillon & Fran Grayson to Talkabout local food. Following, is Chris LaVeque on gun shops opening in Santa Cruz. 

Talkabout 01/16/13

This week on Talkabout it Elen Perie on local politics followed by Peter & Donna Thomas on California hiking expeditions. 

Talkabout 01/09/13

This week Talkabout hosts musician Diane Patterson and her performance at Synthesis 2012 Festival in Mexico. 

Talkabout 12/26/12

John has Santa Cruz lawyer Ben Rice to talk about changes in the law for 2013. Also, Laurence Bedford and Richard Stockton to talkabout upcoming Planet Cruz Comedy Show in the Cruz.