Talkabout 10/24/12

John has guests Frosty Hesson on the film “Chasing Mavericks,” and Dan Lane about City Politics. Click the play button to listen!

Talkabout 10/03/12

Michael Bryant hosts this week’s Talkabout with Elliot Hazen, Assistant Researcher at UCSC discussing climate change. Also joining Michael is Thorne Lay, professor of Earth and Marine Science at UCSC, talking about earthquakes and Santa Cruz county. 

Talkabout 09/19/12

John has Bob Darling and Tony Francis of Outrigger Santa Cruz on the show today. Also on the show is Nicki Zahm, director of the Food shed project as well as Doron Comenchero of Food, What?

Talkabout 09/05/12

John has guests Debbie Kesider, Jim Littlefield, Jennifer Yashas on the show to talk about about “Blue” a global ocean event & Save Our Shores. Listen to this sea soaked podcast of Talkabout below! 

Talkabout 08/29/12

Fred Keeley talks about tax collecting and treasury.

Talkabout 08/22/12

John has Katie Purcell, Max & Kimberly Spooner on the show talking about open gardens and sailing adventure.