Universal Grapevine 02/12/13

This week on the grapevine is Laura Marcus here to talk about the Dientes Community Dental Clinic. Following is Lisa Jensen and Christina Waters on film criticism.

Universal Grapevine 02/05/13

Bruce has Kerry Kriber on the show talking about “Save the Frogs.” Also on the show is Gary Patton on land use issues.

Universal Grapevine 01/29/13

On the show is Betsy Herbert on fracking and environmental issue, as well as  Joe Jordan on NASA, SETI, and alternate energy sources.

Universal Grapevine 01/22/13

Bruce has Roberta Bristol, Beth Pettengal, and Ruth Scromon talking about dance history in Santa Cruz County. Following them is Steve Pleicn on local orgaination “Citizens For A Better Santa Cruz” and city politics.

Universal Grapevine 01/15/13

Bruce has on the show Marcus Cato & Brian Spencer to talk about the current play series at Center Stage Theater. Also, Ian Coulson on bee keeping and selecting honey.


Universal Grapevine 01/08/13

Bruce’s guest in the first half hour is Brian Staufenbiel the head of UCSC’s Opera Program. Opera is an important and unique part of the UCSC campus and Brian brings us up to date on Opera news.

In the second half hour Bruce interviews Heather McDougal, author of the new book “Songs for a Machine Age”. A fantasy of dream machines, dancing spiders, and secret maps.