Weekends & KZSC

KZSC is the Big Dipper of Broadcasting in Santa Cruz. Where else on a weekend can you wake up to trash, twang and rhythm mayhem (“Moon Twist” with Mr. Earl  Saturday mornings at6 AM), find women in jazz (“Jazz Kitty” noon Saturdays), chill to reggae (“Strictly Rockers” Saturday nights at 6:30) or have an opportunity to connect with mind, body and spirit (“Conciliation Sunday” at 6 AM) with a Jewish chaser (“Muzical Jewz” Sundays at 4 pm)? That’s right…nowhere. And there’s so much more:  folk, blues, indie rock, hip hop and the Pacifica/KPFA News from Berkeley weekends at 6 pm. It’s just the way we roll on the weekends at The Great 88.

Find out for yourself-check out our Program Schedule and get ready for Monday.