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KZSC Bills: Repair our backup transmitter

Suggested pledge amount: $2,000.00


Suggested pledge amount: $2,000.00

Minimum pledge amount:$20.00


We need your help to pay our bills! Without your donations KZSC wouldn’t have lasted 50 years!

KZSC broadcasts 20 thousand watts of noncommercial radio power from a 100 foot steel tower on the border of the Pogonip. It’s all outdoors, exposed to the elements, and when it breaks, we must hire engineers to climb that tower to fix things.

Our broadcast signal costs $24,000 dollars a year to maintain; and that doesn’t include the utilities bill!

Can you help us to take care of this bill? Any amount helps. But if you are in a position to give $2,000, you can fix our backup transmitter! We rely on this backup to stay on the air when the power fails. That’s a critical system that we use to provide life-saving information to the communities of the Monterey Bay during natural disasters and other emergencies.