A xeroxed outlet for obscure bands, glitter, obtrusive opinions, original art, 100% certified-organic interviews, bathroom graffiti poetry, googly eyes, and the occasional muffin recipe.

Did Bob Dylan sell out at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival? What’s the best Crepe at the Crepe place? Were the Shirelles really the first feminist girl group? Why do people light stink bombs at the Forever 21 downtown? Was Kurt Cobain murdered in some scandalous secret lipstick Courtney Love conspiracy? …What the hell is auto-tune?

Anonymous Caller is KZSC’s arbitrary, evil, printed twin sister.

Submission Guidelines

  • Written pieces must be under 600 words.
  • Photographs/art must be in .jpeg format.

Pieces not directly pertaining to music, local art, local issues, delicious food, and the community at large might not be considered (unless you are Henry Rollins, a splendid writer, or submitting such a bright idea we can’t help but squeal with delight).

Submission Deadline: October 22, 2012 – 5pm

Submit your work for consideration by email to submissions@kzsc.org.