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Talkabout 12/26/12

John has Santa Cruz lawyer Ben Rice to talk about changes in the law for 2013. Also, Laurence Bedford and Richard Stockton to talkabout upcoming Planet Cruz Comedy Show in the Cruz. 

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Talkabout 12/19/12

Sleepy John has guest Steve Wissner on the show to talk about reducing the cost of your phone. Also: guest Alicia Cube to talk about Take Back Santa Cruz! 

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Henry: My Hero

Have you ever wondered what kind of spider that is in your bedroom window? Is it a wolf spider? Is it a black widow? (If you responded yes to the last question, kill the spider immediately. Please.)  No matter what…

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Dirty Talk?

At the moment KZSC does not air any "dirty talk" shows-in the sexual sense, but we have had a few sex talk shows in our past. My point is not all talk programming is news, sports or so-called "public affairs".…

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Universal Grapevine 4/26/11

First half hour: Guest Jodi McGraw talks about the Santa Cruz County Sandhills. Second half hour: Guest Bruce Daniels,  from the board of the Soquel Creek Water District,  discusses water problems in Santa Cruz County.

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Conciliation Sunday 4/17/11

From Sessions 1 by  "Rick Hanson PhD" from talk called "Stress-Proof Your Brain" and session 2 of "Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD" called "Woman as Indestructable Tree of Life" from the talk "The Dangerous Old Woman" Read poem by Batua…

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