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In Session: David Hood

By DJ Mixolydian For this week's In Session feature, we're traveling to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, to acknowledge the terrific bass work of Mr. David Hood. Hood was a member of Rick Hall's "Swampers", a group of studio musicians in the Muscle…

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In Session: Bob Babbitt

By DJ Mixolydian For this week's In Session feature, KZSC presents to you the music of Bob Babbitt. A legendary studio bassist who traded off sessions with James Jamerson of Motown Studios, Babbitt spent considerable time with both the Funk Brothers…

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Duster at The Catalyst 2.28.20

by Andrew Agena The first time I listened to Duster, I felt immediately teleported through the gritty nostalgia of the 90s and the spacy rock feel of a trip gone right. This unique distorted warbling was influential to many musicians…

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