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What about Death?

By Duncan Ober The debate over the first ever punk band is as old as the genre itself. While Ramones from New York released their first record in 1976 and over in London the Damned, Sex Pistols, and the Clash…

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Artist Spotlight – Hook

By : DJ Honey Bucket Hook is an up-and-coming rapper from Riverside, California. (Shoutout to Queen Beats (on KZSC Tuesdays at 10 pm) for enlightening me.) Her stepdad was a rapper and encouraged Hook to pursue music by helping her…

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DJ Dolce’s Interview with Bei Ru

By DJ Dolce As an Armenian American, it’s always a special experience for me to meet another person from our small diaspora and to connect on our shared experiences that unite us as a community. These experiences become even more…

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In Session: David Hood

By DJ Mixolydian For this week's In Session feature, we're traveling to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, to acknowledge the terrific bass work of Mr. David Hood. Hood was a member of Rick Hall's "Swampers", a group of studio musicians in the Muscle…

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In Session: Bob Babbitt

By DJ Mixolydian For this week's In Session feature, KZSC presents to you the music of Bob Babbitt. A legendary studio bassist who traded off sessions with James Jamerson of Motown Studios, Babbitt spent considerable time with both the Funk Brothers…

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