Universal Grapevine 1/31/12

Bruce has on his show Jan Karwin, president of the League of Women’s Voters, Santa Cruz. Also, Peter and Celia Scott talk about “The Pogonip.”

Closet Free Radio 1/30/12

Guest DJ Carnita talks about Hard French Winter Ball 2012; calendar, and announcements. 


Universal Grapevine 1/24/12


Universal Grapevine 1/17/12

Bruce talks with Wilma Chandler’s “Actors Theatre” and Peter McGettigan’s work with Santa Cruz Communtiy Television. 

Closet Free Radio 1/16/12

Kai and Richard discuss MLK Day, Civil Rights Secial, Obama’s HRC Dinner Speech, and H. Clintons Speech at the U.N, plus Community Calender!

Conciliation Sunday 1/15/12

Kevin talks to guest Reverend Deborah Johnson and Andrew Harvey about Love as Activism Event.