Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys Wed July 31st

Dance to the Creole and Zydeco music of Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys tonight, Wed July 31, 2013 at Don Quixote’s in Felton, CA at 7:30pm. Jeffery is a master of traditional style Creole and Zydeco music as learned from the legendary Canray Fontenot and Jeffery’s famed accordion-playing dad, Delton Broussard, that few performers highlight today. At the age of 8, Jeffery played drums in his dad’s band. Now fronting his own band, Jeffery sings and plays old-style button accordion, newer piano-key accordion and acoustic fiddle and enthusiastically works to pass the joy of traditional music on to younger generations. The band also puts its own spin on contemporary Zydeco style music, so there’ll be plenty of rhythm for dancing.


Brootalisk’s Top Ten Albums of the Half Year

Since everyone is doing it, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon (that’s what all the cool kids are doing, right?) and share the ten albums in 2013 that have made me change my booty shorts more than I’d like to admit. Without further ado, here are my ten favorite albums of the year so far (in alphabetical order). Oh, and I think it goes without saying that if you haven’t heard an album listed here, do yourself a kindness and crank that shit up.

Altar-of-Plagues-Teethed-Glory-InjuryAltar of PlaguesTeethed Glory and Injury






Anciients-Heart-of-Oak-SmallAnciientsHeart of Oak






vertikalCult of LunaVertikal












Intronaut-Habitual-Levitations-800x800IntronautHabitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones)












mouth-of-the-architect-dawningMouth of the ArchitectDawning






TheOcean-PelagialThe OceanPelagial






imagesPomegranate TigerEntities






Scale-the-Summit-The-MigrationScale the SummitThe Migration






Another 10 bands to keep on the lookout in the 2nd half of 2013: AlcestBehemoth, Exivious, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Gorguts, Opeth, Protest the Hero, Revocation, Rosetta, Russian Circles.

This Month in Hip Hop

Hip Hop charts from July at KZSC!

  1. TOUSSAINT MORRISON    Fast Times At Trillmont High    Urban Home Companion
  2. BRYANT DOPE X HANNIBAL KING    New New York    Young One
  3. DESSA    Parts Of Speech    Doomtree
  4. RABBI DARKSIDE    Prospect Ave    Say Word
  5. ACEYALONE    Leanin’ On Slick    Decon
  6. YOUNGBLOOD BRASS BAND    “20 Questions” [Single]    Tru Thoughts
  7. FAT TONY    Smart Ass Black Boy    Young One
  8. KID CUDI    Indicud    Wicked Awesome
  9. ANIMAL NATION AND SLY BUSINESS    Don’t Grow Up To Be Like Us
  10. A$AP ROCKY    LongLiveA$AP    RCA

New Website for KZSC

It’s been a busy year for KZSC and  we now can add “Brand New Website” to the list of accomplishments for 2013. Razorfrog Web Design in San Francisco created a completely new version of our website while keeping the look and feel similar to the previous version designed in 2010. There are some new features, pages, and designs which we hope you’ll enjoy. As always, please feel free to get in touch with any feedback, comments, or suggestions via email or the comments below.

Happy browsing!


Rock Charts – July 25th

We’ve been really into Cool Ghouls’ debut album over here at KZSC.  We’re also loving the Burger Records’ rerelease of King Tuff’s first album Was Dead. Both are definitely worth checking out!

Top 10:

  1. Cool Ghouls – Cool Ghouls
  2. Smith Westerns – Soft Will
  3. Bass Drum of Death – Bass Drum of Death
  4. Shannon and the Clams – Dreams in the Rat House
  5. King Tuff – Was Dead
  6. Rose Windows – The Sun Dogs
  7. Surfer Blood -Pythons
  8. David Lynch – Big Dream
  9. Salvia Plath – The Bardo Story
  10. Speedy Ortiz- Major Arcana



  1. The Weekend – Jinx
  2. Gogol Bordello – Pura Vida Conspiracy
  3. Love Language – Ruby Red
  4. Trails and Ways – Trilingual
  5. Jackson Scott – Melbourne

Hristo Vitchev Interview

In my interview with Bulgarian-raised guitarist Hristo Vitchev, he largely spoke of the ‘Impressionistic” ideas behind his unique style of music. A composer of 6 albums since 2009, his sound is expressed much like a painter expresses what he sees in a painting; a symbiotic playing with his quartet that sonically paints a picture in the listener’s mind, giving the term “Impressionist” to the musical style of the group. The depth of communication with pianist Weber Iago and Hristo paints colorful strokes in the structure of rhythm and harmony throughout the musical landscape.