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Jazz Charts – 2nd Week of March

I hope your week is going well! Is spring in the air, or is it just me? Oh well, Here’s what’s happening with Jazz @ KZSC: Top Ten Charts: 1 KRIS BOWERS Heroes + Misfits Concord Jazz 2 ANTON SCHWARTZ Flash Mob Antonjazz 3 PETE MILLS Sweet Shadow Cellar Live 4 TAKUYA KURODA Rising Son […]

The Jazz Charts: First Week of March

CHARTS:1    BRAD MEHLDAU AND MARK GUILIANA    Mehliana: Taming The Dragon    Nonesuch 2    TAKUYA KURODA    Rising Son    Blue Note 3    BEN FLOCKS    Battle Mountain    West Cliff 4    DANILO PEREZ    Panama 500    Mack Ave. 5    ALFREDO RODRIGUEZ    The Invasion Parade    Mack Avenue 6    JACQUES SCHWARZ-BART    Jazz Racine Haiti 7    KING WILLIAM JAZZ COLLECTIVE    King William Jazz Collective    […]

The Jazz Charts: February 24th

Happy Monday! We here at KZSC are absolutely overwhelmed with excitement about the new titles that have been coming in! There’s almost too much stuff to fit on a top ten chart, but we’ll do our best. Here’s what’s hot with Jazz at KZSC this week: CHARTS: 1    TAKUYA KURODA    Rising Son    Blue Note 2    […]

The Jazz Charts: Second Week of February

We’re glad you made it through the first week! CHARTS: 1    CECILE MCLORIN SALVANT    WomanChild    Mack Ave. 2    JOHN ABERCROMBIE QUARTET    39 Steps    ECM 3    CATHERINE RUSSELL    Bring It Back    Jazz Village 4    ANTON SCHWARTZ    Flash Mob    Antonjazz 5    BRIAN GEPHART    Standing On Two Feet    Origin 6    KNEEBODY    The Line    Concord 7    NILSON MATTA    Black […]

The Jazz Charts: First Week of February

Yo! February’s off to a lovely start – continuous rain and good Jazz! Although a staple for most at this time of the year, things are really heating up here at KZSC, see for yourself: CHARTS: 1 KNEEBODY The Line Concord 2 JOHN ABERCROMBIE QUARTET 39 Steps ECM 3 BRIAN GEPHART Standing On Two Feet […]

Jazzuary at it’s End – The Charts and Adds

Here’s what’s happening with Jazz at KZSC! There’s been tons of material dropping in lately, courtesy of all of our lovely promoters: CHARTS: 1    BEATA PATER    Golden Lady    Self-Released 2    JOHN ABERCROMBIE QUARTET    39 Steps    ECM 3    MICHELLE ZANGARA    Songs Of Blue    MZRecords 4    CECILE MCLORIN SALVANT    WomanChild    Mack Ave. 5    CHARLES BOLES QUARTET    Blue […]