Xslapz (SOB X RBE official DJ) interview w/ RIZ AKA RSD

Born Xavier Patton, Xslapz is a 19-year-old DJ residing from Vallejo, CA but lived in every part of Vallejo. After his father realized that he is a social and popular kid in high school, his mother bought him a DJ turntable set. He linked up with SOB X RBE because Yhung T.O. and he went to Jesse M. Bethel High School together. After that, Xslapz self-taught himself how to DJ, produce, mixing, and mastering & is now the official DJ for SOB X RBE. Check out the interview below as RIZ AKA RSD chops it up with his childhood friend. We talked about the current tour, the growth since their first ever show, Oracle Arena, relations to prolific Bay Area talent, being a hoop star in high school & his upcoming projects.

If you haven’t seen Xslapz 1st interview with RIZ AKA RSD, check it out below!

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written by: Rizal Aliga & Andrea Baldrias


Shoreline Mafia consists of four main rappers: Ohgeesy, Fenix, Rob Vicious, & Master Kato. This upcoming group based out of Los Angeles, CA, is a group you cannot miss performing live! They just recently inked a deal with Atlantic Records & are currently on their first “Off The Xtra Tour” which has been sold out at every location. RIZ aka RSD caught up with the gang to discuss the following: 2018 OTX Tour, what OTX means, Mozzy #KickTheCupChallenge, Lessons learned from music, process of music, the definition of “drippin,” being featured on magazines, their relationship with Bay Area musicians (specifically SOB X RBE), & what is “dropping” next! Check out the interview below conducted by RIZ with assistance from Santiago Alvarez.

Fans were eager and waiting in line since 2PM to see Shoreline Mafia perform at The Catalyst. Another sold out show on their OTX Tour caused them to be moved from The Atrium (the smaller venue in The Catalyst) to the Main Stage due to a popular demand. They originally sold out the Atrium in 8 minutes, then sold out the Main Stage in roughly 4 minutes. Santiago & I pulled up around 8:30ish and The Catalyst started to let people into the venue.

Around 9ish, fans were chanting “Shoreline, Shoreline, Shoreline,” non-stop as they were anxious to see them. After only two openers that kept the crowd moving, tensions were high and a ton of fights broke out during the show. Moving along to Shoreline Mafia, they came on around 10:15PM and did not disappoint. The crowd was insane, knowing nearly every lyric and every song the gang performed. Check below for some footage provided by Santiago and myself:

What surprised me the most was how genuine Shoreline Mafia really is. Just recently being signed to Atlantic Records is a massive deal for them and they know that they have to be presentable (and they are). When they were doing their meet and greet, they talked to the long line of dedicated fans one-by-one for 2-5 minutes each and fans were able to have conversations with the crew. After that, upon interviewing them, the four were very tired from the four consecutive shows (3.7-3.10) back-to-back-to-back-to-back. I did not want to keep them from their traveling schedule but I was able to ask all the questions I wanted to and I definitely did not want to ask them questions they were already asked (graffiti, influences etc). Out of the 81 interviews & blogs I have conducted or contributed to, (they were number 81) they were hella funny and chill with being interviewed. It was truly a blessing to get in contact with Justin from Atlantic Records, Sherwin (the current manager for this tour), and TK, to get this interview done. Whenever you see Shoreline Mafia pull up into your area, it is a mandatory slither. Shoreline Mafia is next up and 2018 is their year.

Shoreline Mafia – Bottle Service (Official Music Video)


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written by: Rizal Aliga & Santiago Alvarez

Concert Review: Jeff Rosenstock at the Catalyst Atrium (2.24.2018)

Hot off the release of “POST-” early last month, pop-punk veteran Jeff Rosenstock concluded their tour with a banging interactive experience at the Catalyst Atrium in Santa Cruz on February 25, 2018. With a hefty 24-song setlist lasting almost two hours, Rosenstock set out to provide a nonstop energetic performance with the goal of maintaining the audience’s hype throughout.

Known for his abrasive vocal work and reflective lyrics, Rosenstock’s live set transcends what’s present in his studio albums with an even stronger bombastic performance, breaking the wall between the stage and the audience. From live soapbox rants during song breaks to conversations with the show’s audio technician, Jeff proves his desire to satisfies the audience’s needs of relief from normal everyday monotony.

The audience took note of Rosenstock’s efforts through an unanimously uproarious energy found in both the mosh pit and concertgoers hanging out in the back. There was also a sense of harmony in the venue whenever Rosenstock performed one of his more romantically-driven songs. A highlight from the event was during Rosenstock’s performance of “I Did Something Weird Last Night,” in which a fellow member of the mosh pit joined me in singing the last chorus with gusto.

And then there’s the band themselves, and unsurprising Jeff Rosenstock were on-point for the entire duration. From the frustration-charged “USA” to the self-deprecating “You, in Weird Cities,” the group never once showed signs that their vigor was wearing thin. For each song, the band infused concert-specific quirks into their pieces to differentiate them from the album version, whether it’s the multiple modulated choruses at the end of “Wave Goodnight to Me” or the extended ending for “…While Your Alive”—another memorable moment where Jeff and the audience belted out the concluding line “love is worry” over a dozen times.

The setlist also proved to please a multitude of fans, from those who only recently discovered Rosenstock with “POST-” as well as people who’ve been fans since “We Cool.” As far as which songs the audience resonated with the most, cuts from “Worry” seemed to get people headbanging the hardest, which may have been because of the album’s infectious melodies and traditional pop-punk mentality.

The flow from song-to-song also worked well, orchestrated in a fashion where one can mistake the setlist for a professionally sequenced art piece. It helps that almost a third of the setlist includes five songs from the melody sequence featured in “Worry,” though ending the initial set with “Let Them Win” from “Post-” was an off-kilter choice. The three-song encore of “9/10,” “You, in Weird Cities,” and “We Begged to Explode” worked well as a closer, featuring songs from Jeff’s three latest albums.

Thankfully the group translated the charisma from their LPs onto the stage with glowing results. If you’re a fan of power pop-punk, go see Jeff Rosenstock next time they’re on tour.

KZSC Interview: Grieves at the Catalyst

On November 10th 2017, KZSC Volunteer Forrest Murphy met up with Seattle rapper and producer Grieves for a pre show interview at the Catalyst in downtown Santa Cruz. It took us a minute to get up on the blog but it’s finally here & ready for you!

Peep it below.


7-oh-lejo KEV’O Interview @ KZSC 1.27.18

7-oh-lejo Kev’o taps in with me for an interview @ KZSC! 1.27.18

Check out his recent visual Waves below!

The Orwells Interview 12.11.17

Imagine being 16 again. The year is 2013 and Snowden has recently leaked documents about U.S. mass-surveillance programs. You and your friends decide last-minute to drive to Eagle Rock, catch a couple bands, and be delinquents. As you step into the former church, a haze of smoke fills the air while Jeff the Brotherhood blares over speakers. Suddenly, the music cuts out and The Orwells step onstage. Chords permeate through the repurposed church as the mostly underage crowd moshes in rhythm to “Who Needs You”. At the end of the show, the frontman, Mario Cuomo, climbs onto the rafters above the crowd and dives headfirst into a sea of teenagers.

This was my first time seeing The Orwells live.

The Orwells are a rock band composed of five members who graduated high school early to pursue their love of music. The band started out with a destructive stage presence, at times getting into altercations with venue security and staff. When I had the chance to catch them live at The Troubadour in ’14, Mario was arguing with security for stopping teenagers from moshing during their set. This was what really drew me towards the band. The Orwells stood for rebellion, and they didn’t just go against the grain, they ripped through it. With powerful lyrics such as:

You better pledge allegiance; you’re not the only one. Listen up forefathers; I’m not your son. You better save the country, you better pass the flask, you better join the army, I said no thank you dear old Uncle Sam.

While the band has calmed down in some ways, they still put on an amazing show no matter where they go. From their run with The Arctic Monkeys in 2014, Weezer in early 2017, and The Pixies in late 2017, they’ve proven time and time again that they can get a crowd on its feet. The evolution of the band with their most recent album, Terrible Human Beings, is just further reassurance that The Orwells aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I’m also ecstatic to announce that I had the opportunity to catch them live right here in Santa Cruz. Make sure to check out the incredible interview that I had with Mario, guitarist Matt O’Keefe, and (with some cameo insights) drummer Henry Brinner. With HOT topics like: the music industry, Steve Jobs, and Atlanta twerk videos. Huge thank you to Bryan Nelson for setting this up as well. -Chuck Bass

Check them out online:

Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

P.S. They have a killer Stooges cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog”