Monica Kim Garza: Food, Culture, and Creating Art from Atlanta, Georgia

I had the opportunity to talk with Monica Kim Garza, an artist who is currently working out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her art features colorful beach landscapes, nude portraits of people with different shapes and sizes, often relaxing in tropical places with fruit, or surfing in the ocean waves. Her paintings depict ambiguous colors, often invoking a feeling of multiple cultures and nationalities all in one portrait. To see what I am talking about, go to, or check out her amazingly beautiful instagram monicakimgarza. Here is me, Sydney Fishman, and Monica talking about food and culture in Atlanta, and what she wants to portray in her artwork. Also check out her interview live on our last No Pasa Nada, with Dustin Choto, who will play the interview around 10 AM on KZSC, Santa Cruz. Here is the track here, on the KZSC Soundcloud below, and some more paintings of hers in case you wanna check them out. 






Interview: Jesse Colin Young

Jesse Colin Young has been singing songs about the environment, peace and relationships since the start of his solo career in 1964.  In Carol’s interview on the Test of Time Jesse describes the Youngbloods’ early days as the house band at the Cafe au go go and their transition to the Bay Area in 1967. Jesse is currently touring with his young new band from Berklee School of Music, selling out shows across the Untied States and riding the waves until the last swell.

Interview with Martin Barre

Jethro Tull blended hard rock, blues, folk and surreal lyrics to become one of the most unique progressive rock bands of our era. Joining Tull in 1969 for the recording of “Living in the Past”, Martin Barre continued to provide much of the energy juxtaposed to Ian Anderson’s complex melodies and lyrics that allowed the band to rise in epic popularity until it’s dissolution in 2011.

Listen here to Carol’s interview with Martin Barre on Test of Time as Barre reflects back on his days as Jethro Tull’s guitarist including his favorite and most difficult albums to record. Martin Barre is hitting his stride as a solo artist and loving the freedom that’s offered. He continues re-interpreting Jethro Tull songs as well as writing and recording new material.


Martin Barre:   

Test of Time:


Ace of Cups today

Interview: Denise Kaufman from the Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups, one of the first all-women rock bands emerging in the mid-sixties , were at the center of the San Francisco music scene and the summer of love in 1967.

Fifty years later, the group has come together to record a proper studio album of old and new songs. Listen here to Carol’s exclusive interview on the Test of Time with Ace of Cups’ guitarist & bassist Denise Kaufman.

Kaufman talks about the band’s past, present, and future. Their upcoming triple album on High Moon Records offers a vast array of songs with the help of many Bay Area musicians and friends. You’ll hear Kaufman share clips from the upcoming album and tell the stories behind them. It’s been a long time coming, but is well worth the wait.

Ace of Cups today; From L-R Diane Vitalich, Denise Kaufman, Mary Ellen Simpson, Mary Gannon

Aug 3 event: Cynthia Connolly on punk in L.A. and D.C.

I was able to interview artist/author Cynthia Connolly before she speaks at Santa Cruz MAH, about her book Banned in DC. Cynthia talks about her experience in both the LA and Washington D.C. punk community; documenting what she felt the scene was really about and truly creative people in there. Check out the interview and listen as we discuss about race, gender, and art!
Check out her work on:
-Melissa, Loud Rock Director

@highniggapies (@HNP) interview w/ riz aka rsd 6.29.17

I locked in an interview with up and coming Soundcloud producer @HighNiggaPies (@HNP) residing from Oakland CA, in Berkeley, CA on 6.29.17. Check it out!





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