DJ Hari’s All-American Playlist

by DJ Hari

Ah, the Fourth of July. Happy Birthday, to the great U.S. of A. Do we have a complicated relationship? Yes, yes we do. How can I possibly express this plethora of emotions I get when I think of you? Why, through a playlist of All-American songs from across genres, of course. So here’s my mix to you, the  place I’ve called home my entire life, and the place I’m constantly learning more about each day I live here through songs from the likes of Bob Dylan, Outkast, and Mitski.

RIYL: Freedom, Road Trips, Eagles

Rhylli Concert Review 6.18.2018 by Melcriada

On Monday June 19, 2018, I attended a local show at the Humanist Hall in Oakland near Broadway to kick off the summer.

Before entering Humanist Hall, they told us that partial proceeds would be going to survivors of the volcano eruption in Guatemala. The show started around 7pm, so before the show started the bands were all running around, geting ready, and talking to the crowd.

One of Oakland’s finest hardcore bands, Khilis began the set with songs from their demo they released earlier this September. Kimia, the lead singer of Khilis, commanded that mic and the crowd with her powerful lyrics and aggressive dance moves. After their first song, Kimia wanted to pump up the crowd and asked us to come in closer as they dealt with some of their technical difficulties. Once the crowd got more comfortable, Kimia and Amanda started to jump around and play with the crowd. The dynamics and the build up between Amanda, Austin, and Ryan when they performed Namak was electrifying and had people amped up. Once they ended their set, we calmed down and went to get hydrated for the next bands. In between, they blasted cumbias, rap, and some hip hop to keep the crowd light-hearted and fun.

Up next was another amazing band from Oakland, Provoke. Most of the crowd started to rush in from the garden to get as close as possible. The lead singer of Provoke, Jenny, seemed grateful to be there and ready to deliver a great show. Provoke performed songs from their recently released cassette Fragment and 6 Songs, which came out in 2016. We were also lucky enough to hear new music that Provoke has been working on and planning on releasing later this year. As Jenny belted out her heavy lyrics from Full Heart to Our Mothers Cry, the croud got riled up and ready to jump around her. A pretty memorable set and band despite being right in the middle of the lineup.

The last band from the west coast, straight out of Southern California, Initiate. Although, not much activity on their Bandcamp, Initiate has been touring around the west coast performing music from the demos that were released in 2016 and 2017. At this point, Humanist Hall was overcrowded the bands that played previously were standing on tables to support on another and everyone standing was jumping around. The lead singer was incredibly raw and she was ready to tear into crowd. To what I remember, she was encouraging the crowd to mosh and dance around.

They were the best band to set the crowd up for the headliner Krimewatch, coming all the way from New York ready to perform their debut album that was just released this April. Rhylli, the lead singer, was ready to shove her crowd. For her opening song, she had her back to the crowd and she let out her first few word she started to push into the crowd. The band performed their newer stuff such as Paranoia, Machismo, Coward, and You Lose, which sent the crowd wild, to the point where someone dropped their phone in the pit and Rhylli helped them find parts of it on the floor. The set was just as long as the previous bands, but everybody wanted Krimewatch to perform one more song because the energy they projected was just so addictive. After their encore, the bands sticked around a little longer to sell their merch and talk to the fans. Overall line up showed me personally that hardcore still has a place in the west coast and that their are bands we should keep our eyes out for.

All these bands can be found on Bandcamp. Khilis also has a few more shows coming up in the bay area. Provoke also a show coming up on July 7th with Cremalleras. Krimewatch and Initiate still has a few more shows in California.


Photos by Michael Thorn from Razor Blades and Aspirin photozine and link to their Instagram

  • Initiate
  • Kimia from Khiis
  • Krimewatch
  • Jenny from Provoke

DJ Fizzi Pop Interviews Boreta from The Glitch Mob!

by DJ Fizzi Pop

You may have heard their other-wordly remix of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”, or their iconic collaboration with Daft Punk. You also may have heard their brand new album, “See Without Eyes” that breaks the boundaries of electronic music. Whatever you know about them, The Glitch Mob is a trio that one will never forget. Their experimental eclectic mix of heavy bass, melodic symphonies, and mighty synths all with a swaggy hip-hop vibe is one that is said to be its own subgenre.

Hailing from LA, The Glitch Mob includes edIT (Edward), Ooah (Josh), and Boreta (Justin). With their music background and engineering skills combined, their performances consist of an over-the-top interactive musical journey from start to finish that incorporates live music and electronic maneuvers. The highlight of their shows is the development of their new instrument structure called the Blade 2.0….and it is crazy cool.

I had the opportunity to interview Justin Boreta, ⅓ of the Glitch Mob, who also happened to go to UCSC, and I kid you not, have his own radio show for our beloved KZSC. He was also a part of the Electronic Music Program that hailed other EDM icons such as Bassnectar and Minnesota. You can say that there’s something in the redwoods here in Santa Cruz that sparks musical geniuses.


Sit back, and enjoy the wisdom that Boreta gives.

The Glitch Mob just announced their next upcoming tour for late this year to early next year, with tickets on sale now. See the Blade 2.0 for yourself.

DJ Hari’s Dead, a Playlist Inspired by Goth

Tuesday, May 22 marked World Goth Day, and although that was over two weeks ago, it’s all I could listen to for over two weeks. To many people “goth” may mean dark clothes and the Hot Topic at your local mall, but here at KZSC, goth means more than that. When we think of goth, we think of music rooted in dark, introspective lyrics and post-punk experimentation whose legacy inspired later acts by the likes of Danny Brown (check his allusion to Joy Division in his 2016 album, Atrocity Exhibition) and Ariel Pink (whose recent performance at the Catalyst was reminiscent of the solid wall of noise and darkness of Bauhaus).

Emerged from the ashes of the London and New York punk scenes, the sonic aesthetic of goth finds its roots in an array of emotional and droning sounds of 60’s rock. Everything from the Doors’ blues rock, to Alice Cooper’s hard rock, to the gritty experimentalism of proto-punk acts such as the Velvet Underground have provided influences to early goth acts from the late 70’s into the 80’s. Of these, Nico’s sophomore album, amidst the underlying misogyny and lack of artistic control of her critically-acclaimed solo debut, saw her ditching folk-pop for a darker, avant-garde aesthetic. This album, The Marble Index, released in 1968, is widely regarded as the first gothic rock album.

In the late 70’s, the term “gothic” became used to describe the atmospheres of post-punk bands inspired by the gloom and doom of the Doors’ and the Velvets’ stage presence. While there were certainly a slew of sounds that emerged from punk rock, some carried a heavier, more authoritative sound. This included goth hits from the likes of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Nick Cave’s early work with The Birthday Party, the Cure, Joy Division, and Bauahaus, whose single “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is considered to be the earliest seminal goth single. Other punk bands often deemed “horror-core” were also popular among the goth subculture including the Cramps and the Misfits.

The influence of goth expanded from post-punk to new wave bands such as Depeche Mode and Soft Cell, into the eclectic sounds of the 90s and 00s from Portishead’s self-titled second album, to the Cocteau Twins’ emotional dream-pop, to the industrial collages of Nine Inch Nails, to almost genre-less acts of today such as singer Fever Ray and rapper Danny Brown.

Take a listen to my playlist inspired by the goth subculture below:

Surfing radio waves

Congrats to KZSC listener Phillip from Vallejo! Phillip was surfing the radio waves and heard about the opportunity to own an awesome surf board and support student-run community radio and dropped in for an epic ride.

KZSC is grateful to the Santa Cruz Boardbuilders Guild on the Westside of Santa Cruz for supporting locally-grown radio. Phillip’s new 9’2″ long board was hand-shaped  by Jefferey Devine and glassed by the talented and dedicated craftsmen of the Guild. We’re proud to have inspired this brilliant yellow board with black rails, sporting the KZSC logo—hand-crafted by surfers in Santa Cruz, California!

Hey, did you see the surfboard they made for KZSC’s Wiki Wiki Wednesday? What a work of art!

NIKI’s Debut Project ZEPHYR Review by DJ iEHOA

NIKI has just recently entered the music scene, a 19-year-old R&B artist from Indonesia. I first discovered her with her singles, “See U Never” and “I LIKE YOU”. In 2018 she has finally released her debut project ZEPHYR under 88rising, which included 8 tracks mostly written and produced by NIKI herself. The 8 tracks have been laid out to explore her past relationships and attempts at love. The project overall has a smooth vibe throughout and each song is placed strategically for her storytelling.

Here are the songs listed in order and their breakdowns.

  1. Newsflash!

A song to add on to your break up playlist. Leaving a past lover, she won’t allow him to bring her down anymore. Telling him, “Go be someone else’s hangover”. In the end, she has moved onto better things.

  1. Say My Name

This song welcomes a new lover in her life. Specifically a song for the bedroom.

  1. Friends

NIKI has a close friend who has become important in her life but constantly gets into situations where things seem to go too far. She questions their relationship every time they spend time together. Trying to establish that the two should only be friends, but temptation is always lurking.

  1. Spell

Exactly what the title says, she is falling in love with someone and wants the other person to feel the same way. Asking for him to let her in and allow her to become his lover.

  1. Vintage

Newsflash! Welcome back the old lover. Reminiscing about her past relationship, she starts to remember their past and the memories they have made and wishes they may recreate those moments for one more night.

  1. Dancing with the Devil

Upon welcoming back her old lover, she has started to realize why they had ended things. This dance with the devil is her questions why he keeps playing games when all she wants to do is give him her time and attention. She seems to not be able to stop him from his mistakes. She persists as she does not want to move, “Cause the lovin’ so good”.

  1. Pools

After “Dancing with the Devil” she has finally given up on trying to mend this relationship. In pain, she questions, “Why’d you let me sink in pools of wishful thinking”?

  1. Around

In a heartbroken ballad, this song will remind you of someone who you know will always have a piece of your heart. Regardless of the ups and downs, they had shared, “You love me, I love you” will always be true.

You can listen to ZEPHYR here.

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