Bonaroo Arch by flickr user Shannon McGee

Ready for the Heat at Bonnaroo Music Festival?

I’m a California, specifically Bay Area person, that hasn’t had much real experience with the hot, humid weather of the South. I also haven’t had to fight off the intense heat while pushing my way through crowds, working to get the best location for photos of some of my favorite bands. But I’m an avid music lover, as many other DJs are at KZSC Radio Station, and I’m getting ready to take on the beating sun in Tennessee.

Bonnaroo Music Festival is held annually at the Great Stage Park in Manchester, at the historic location of “The Farm”, about an hour South East of Nashville. The festival had its debut in 2002, and has featured many greats such as Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, Kanye West,  James Brown, and Bob Dylan. Located in such a quintessential landmark such as the farm, and a host to many musicians and bands from a variety of genres, no wonder the festival was labeled one of the “50 moments that changed Rock & Roll” by Rolling Stone Magazine. I am excited to represent KZSC at a large-scale event such as this one, and I hope you can follow my check-ins during the weekend!

As the event has an annual influx of 85,000 campers per year, and approximately “700 acres of Tennessee nature”, I can’t promise I will be able to report to you from the blog, as the internet will be spotty. But I can promise a full report as soon as I reach “connection”, and make sure to check out the updates on the KZSC Instagram and Twitter page, as I’ll be posting more frequently from there.

Check out my updates specifically on: Tame Impala, LCD Soundsystem, J.Cole, The Internet, and many others.

Have a great Summer and hope to get your feedback about my updates on Bonnaroo Music Festival.

See you soon!


Sydney Fishman

DJ Syd the Kyd




May 29 KZSC Presents: Sugar Candy Mountain w/ Luke Sweeney and Jackie Zealous



SUNDAY, MAY 29TH at 9pm at The Crepe Place, $8 tickets sold at the door

From Joshua Tree, California, KZSC Presents tropical psychedelic pop band, Sugar Candy Mountain with Santa Cruz’s surf garage rock band, Jackie Zealous and San Francisco’s psychedelic soul pop band, Luke Sweeney.

“If Brian Wilson had dropped acid on the beach in Brazil and decided to record an album with Os Mutantes and The Flaming Lips, it would sound like this— featuring space-age sounds and far-out frequencies from the tripped out tropics,” then you would have Sugar Candy Mountain.

Also check out our show review of Luke Sweeney at SXSW in Austin, TX this year!

Hope to see you there!



Charles Bradley plays the Catalyst on May 16

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May 27: Steven “Ragga” Marley at the Catalyst

May 28: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in SF

June 3: Bad Religion at the Catalyst

June 4: The Budos Band at The Catalyst

June 21: Cherry Glazerr at The Catalyst

July 9: Island Reggae Festival in San Jose

Sept 3: Tame Impala in Berkeley

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May 3-12: KZSC Spring 2016 Pledge Drive

Spring is in the air and with all those new flowers in bloom, it’s time for the KZSC Spring Pledge Drive!

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KZSC brings together California college radio

KZSC is still all-abuzz from the exciting conference we just pulled off!  We met more than 100 college radio programmers from all over California–sharing ideas and excitement to help us all sound better and better.  Jennifer Waits, co-founder of the must-read radio blog Radio Survivor was in attendance and filed this nice write-up.



SXSW 2016 is a Wrap.

Saturday was the last day of South By Southwest’s music conferences and exhibitions.

Shay attended “Where Will the Vinyl Industry be in 2018?” by panelists Eric Astor, Ben Blackwell, Billy Fields and Cameron Schaefer. So, is vinyl just a fad? As we at KZSC already know, it is far from a fad. With 30,000 records under our roof, record collecting isn’t anything new. It’s been around since the 1880s, and has transitioned through many mediums since that time. However, the more recent phenomenon is color vinyl. Some argue that the sound quality of color vinyl is not as great as regular pressings. Astor confirmed: technically, color is not as great because it is pressed as a novelty, not for best quality. On the topic of limited edition color pressings, Blackwell, of Psychedelic Stooge and Third Man Records, said “If you’re a record collector, Third Man is going to f*** with you.” If you really think the sound quality on a limited edition record is not as good, you can always sell it and buy the black vinyl version. While press time varies for each record and each company, the four panelists all had similar predictions that the general market for vinyl will go up. As general stores shift their focus away from physical albums due to streaming services, more record stores are opening up, which is in part due to the popularity of “Record Store Day”. When asked what could ultimately crush the vinyl industry, Blackwell made a point that the vinyl industry is dependent upon the oil industry. When oil prices rose several years ago, record prices went up, but when the oil prices dropped back down, the same did not happen for records. The medium’s price and popularity is growing, but will this rise lead to its revitalization, or its downfall?

IMG_4139Nikhil and Chelsea had the most fortunate opportunity of meeting the one and only Nardwuar the Human Serviette of CITR! He shared some of his watershed interviews over his career, highlighting his encounters with artists like Questlove and Pharrell who were taken aback by his extensive research and kindness, as well as other bands, such as Blur and Sonic Youth, who were less than kind to him. He encouraged the audience to persevere in their interests and take the time to do the the hard work that others won’t, for that is what will set you apart. Nardwuar also incredibly approachable and gave KZSC a nice little station ID, which will be gracing our airwaves in the near future.

We caught a few shows Saturday evening, including Yonatan Gat, Froth, T Hardy Morris, and Charles Bradley, who may be the only soul to have ever brought an audience to tears whilst wearing a sleeve-cut Diana Ross shirt on stage.

Visiting Austin for South by Southwest was a fantastic experience. Huge thanks to our friends Toni and Jeff Albrecht for allowing us to crash in their home for the week. Also a big thanks to Keith Rozendal and Lucy Rojas for helping us arrange the trip. Until next time Texas.


KZSC Santa Cruz