Jazz & Blues Charts

After a hiatus, Jazz & Blues blogs are back. Here are the top 10 spins from the past week:

  1. TIFFANY AUSTIN – Nothing But Soul
  2. DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER – Dee Dee’s Feathers
  3. KENNY COX – Detroit Jazz City
  4. SARAH QUINTANA – Miss River
  5. KIM NALLEY – She Put A Spell On Me
  6. SISTA MONICA PARKER – Love, Soul & Spirit Vol 1
  7. TANIA MARIA –  Olha Quem Chega
  8. AHMAD JAMAL – Genetic Walk
  9. ANNETTE PEACOCK – I’m The One
  10. BETTY CARTER – The Audience With Betty Carter

A recommended artist to check out is Ibrahim Maalouf and his newest release Kalthoum. You can check out some of the tracks off the album below.



New World Charts!

As we are approaching Week 9 in the quarter, we could all use some new, upbeat, and expressive music to get us through our studies. Boogarins, a psychadellic rock band that formed in Brazil, just released their new album “Manual ou Guia Livre de Dissolução dos Sonhos”, but I call it “Manual” for short.

Their track “6000 Dias” features Dinho Almeida as lead singer, and Benke Ferraz as the solo guitarist. Ferraz’s outstanding guitar instrumentation, along with Almeida’s tranquil vocals, creates an upbeat but soothing new sound.

Check it out!

And……New World Charts!

  1. Ibrahim Maalouf-Kalthoum
  2. Elsa Y Elmar-Rey
  3. Eva Salina-Lema Lema
  4. Trombone Shorty-Backatown
  5. Patrick Landeza-Nahe’olu
  6. Los Crema Paraiso-De Pelicula
  7. Galactic-Into The Deep
  8. Grupo Fantasma-Problemas
  9. Mariachi Flor De Toloache-Mariachi Flor De Toloache
  10. Debashish Bhattacharya-Beyond the Ragasphere





World Charts and Preview of Wouter Kellerman

In Wouter Kellerman’s album Love Language, he focuses on classical flute styles intertwined with Roots music. Kellerman’s mixture of contemporary music, and traditional musical styles from South Africa, brings a refreshing new spin on classical flute instrumentation. He’s worked with many types of styles and has been influenced most by regions such as Senegal, Spain, Cuba, India, and Greece.

Listen to the song “Zinizi” off of Wouter Kellerman’s album, Love Language. The upbeat percussion, flute melodies, and mystical vocal harmonies allow for a beautiful new album.


  1. Johnny Greenwood/Shye Ben Tzur/Rajasthan Express-Junun
  2. Wouter Kellerman-Love Language
  3. Sanjay Chitale and Sandeep Chowta-American Pilgrimage
  4. Karavan Sarai Project-Woven Landscapes
  5. Sean Robbins-Olanui
  6. Gyasi Ross-Isskootsik
  7. Grupo Fantasma-Problemas
  8. Carla Morrison-Amor Supremo
  9. Debashish Bhattacharya-Beyond The Ragasphere
  10. Global Guitar Greats-Common Ground (EP)


  1. Baaba Maal-The Traveler
  2. Various Artists-Putamayo Presents:Vintage Latino
  3. Jose Negroni-Negroni Piano +9
  4. Michael Franti and Spearhead-Once A Day Rise Up
  5. Protoje-Ancient Future

New World Charts!

“Junun” is still our number one for the top ten new world tracks. Even so, stay tuned for new artists climbing up the ranks. Such as Carla Morrison, Grupo Fantasma, and Wouter Kellerman. Stay Worldly Slugs.

Top Ten:

  1. Jonny Greenwood/Shye Ben Tzur/Rajastahan Express-Junun
  2. Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet-Intercambio
  3. Karavan Sarai Project-Woven Landscapes
  4. Wouter Kellerman-Love Language
  5. Gayasi Ross-Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here)
  6. Sean Robbins-Olanui
  7. Stick Figure-Set in Stone
  8. Grupo Fantasma-Problemas
  9. Carla Morrison-Amor Supremo
  10. Michael Franti and Spearhead-Once A Day Rise Up (EP)

New World Adds:

  1. Baaba Maal-Fulani Rock
  2. Various Artists- Putumayo Presents: Vintage Latino
  3. Jose Negroni-Negroni Piano + 9
  4. Kishi Bash-String Quartet Live!
  5. Mishka-Roots Fidelity

Check out this new track by Carla Morrison called “Un Beso” from her new album Amor Supremo. This track features Morrison’s rich and passionate voice, along with a soothing guitar instrumentation, and pop influenced rhythms that leaves us feeling dreamy and looking for love.

Loud Rock Charts – First Week of January

Top Ten:

  1. BARONESS — Purple
  2. HATCHET — Fear Beyond Lunacy
  3. LEFTOVER CRACK — Constructs Of The State
  4. ZULUS — II
  5. GRAVE BABIES — Holographic Violence
  6. MADAME MAYHEM — Now You Know
  7. SHINING — International Blackjazz Society
  8. DRACONIAN — Sovran
  9. USELESS EATERS — Live In San Francisco
  10. LOVE JUNKIES — Blowing On The Devil’s Strumpet

Top Adds:

  • BARONESS — Purple

Bowie is Gone… but Rock Charts are Back!

KZSC has shed many a tear in the last couple days over the loss of a legend. As Vonnegut would say, so it goes. In preparing the CMJ Charts & Adds for the week, I discovered this new B-side, “David Bowie Songs,” released by The Spook School just hours before Bowie’s passing. In addition to Blackstar itself, The Spook School’s Try To Be Hopeful was one of our Top 5 Adds this week at KZSC. Check out the remainder of our adds, charts, and some sweet songs below.

Top 10:

  2. GALACTIC – Into The Deep
  3. SHEER AGONY – Masterpiece
  4. TY SEGALL – Ty Rex
  5. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – “FloriDada”
  6. CASS MCCOMBS – A Folk Set Apart
  7. JOANNA NEWSOM – Divers
  8. GRIMES – Art Angels
  9. WARM BRAINS – Big Wow
  10. THE MANTLES – All Odds End

Top 5 Adds:

  1. DAVID BOWIE – Blackstar
  2. THE SPOOK SCHOOL – Try To Be Hopeful
  3. THE BESNARD LAKES – A Coliseum Complex Museum
  4. WRAY – Hypatia
  5. SUNFLOWER BEAN – Show Me Your Seven Secrets EP