Universal Grapevine 02/19/13

Bruce has on the show Kimberly Jannarone and Nancy Carlin to talk about the UCSC production of Peer Gynt. Also on the show is Sandra Nichols on the Santa Cruz County Board of Education!  

Universal Grapevine 02/12/13

This week on the grapevine is Laura Marcus here to talk about the Dientes Community Dental Clinic. Following is Lisa Jensen and Christina Waters on film criticism.

Talkabout 02/06/13

John has guest Richard DeBoard on the gold & coin market in Santa Cruz. Also on the show is Brian Murtha, on the Santa Cruz Democrat club.

Universal Grapevine 02/05/13

Bruce has Kerry Kriber on the show talking about “Save the Frogs.” Also on the show is Gary Patton on land use issues.

Talkabout 01/30/13

This week on Talkabout, John has Don Miller on the show to talk about local newspaper versus national papers. Also: Murray Sheckman on police dogs in our schools. 

Universal Grapevine 01/29/13

On the show is Betsy Herbert on fracking and environmental issue, as well as  Joe Jordan on NASA, SETI, and alternate energy sources.