Universal Grapevine 02/12/13

This week on the grapevine is Laura Marcus here to talk about the Dientes Community Dental Clinic. Following is Lisa Jensen and Christina Waters on film criticism.

Talkabout 02/06/13

John has guest Richard DeBoard on the gold & coin market in Santa Cruz. Also on the show is Brian Murtha, on the Santa Cruz Democrat club.

Universal Grapevine 02/05/13

Bruce has Kerry Kriber on the show talking about “Save the Frogs.” Also on the show is Gary Patton on land use issues.

Talkabout 01/30/13

This week on Talkabout, John has Don Miller on the show to talk about local newspaper versus national papers. Also: Murray Sheckman on police dogs in our schools. 

Universal Grapevine 01/29/13

On the show is Betsy Herbert on fracking and environmental issue, as well as  Joe Jordan on NASA, SETI, and alternate energy sources.

Talkabout 01/23/13

John has guest Naslsh Dhillon & Fran Grayson to Talkabout local food. Following, is Chris LaVeque on gun shops opening in Santa Cruz.