Goodbye Kevin Spitzer

The old adage “time flies when your having fun” certainly applies to Kevin Spitzer.  He first joined KZSC 14 years ago; long-time listeners will recall programs he’s hosted in the past such as “Celtic Undercurrents”, “Freedom Flight”, “Turtle Island” and “Imagine”. Kevin was also a regular substitute host of countless folk and talk shows, served twice on our Program Review Committee and helped on a variety of construction projects at KZSC. Even if you’re not familiar with his past, no doubt you’ve heard Kevin’s current show, “Conciliation Sunday”. In the spirit of his program, we can share with you that Kevin is having his “second Saturn Return”. As such, a change has got to come, even if all of us wish it weren’t so. Kevin is heading out on a new adventure, which will take him beyond the range of our 20,000 watts. With his heart and spirit devoted to raising consciousness among our staff and our listeners, Kevin Spitzer will be sorely missed by all of us at The Great 88. He is one of the volunteers who helped make us what we are today.

Conciliation Sunday 08/05/12

Interview with Sierna Andrea, Eric Schnieder and Daniel Bittleston about the Santa Cruz Storytelling Festival.

Conciliation Sunday 3/25/12

This week’s podcast features a talk by Gangaji. 

Conciliation Sunday 1/15/12

Kevin talks to guest Reverend Deborah Johnson and Andrew Harvey about Love as Activism Event. 

Conciliation Sunday 6/26/11

The first part of the show features a talk by Thich Nhat Hanh entitled “Touching the Earth.” The second part of the show features a talk by Deepak Chopra entitled “The Secret of Healing.” 

Conciliation Sunday 6/19/11

The first part of the show features “The Hero’s Journey” an excerpt from Joseph Campbell’s audio course The Power of Myth. Later in the program, Melissa Stone joins host, Kevin Spitzer, for a conversation on how the universe give us signs.