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New World Charts- 2016!!!

El niño is approaching and KZSC has a storm of its own! Here are the new musical releases to look for as we enter the new year. Stay worldly. Jonny Greenwood/Shye Ben Tzur/Rajastahan Express-Junun Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet-Intercambio Karavan Sarai Project-Woven Landscapes Sanjay Chitale and Sandeep Chowta-American Pilgrimage Gayasi Ross-Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here) Sean […]


World Charts- last week of October

Finally, at the end of the tenth month, it looks like we’re getting some beautiful little rain drops here and there! Luckily, KZSC is always getting beautiful little drops of new world music for all types of weather. In fact, in our top spot, we have duo Ballake Sissoko and Vincent Segal with “Musique De Nuit”, […]


New World Charts- start of September

When will the weather cool!? Here I remain with a craving for sweet, cold ice cream at the beach and the shops are prepping for spooky nights yet to come. What a mismatch! Well, in the meantime, you can enjoy the coolness of these new top picks in world music! Zooming into our top spot in […]


New World Charts- Third week of August

This week’s world music top 10 are steady, with last week’s adds picking up well. Cuban son and song coming from Dayme Arocena and Quarter Street are perfect for this unexpected summer heat. Chico Trujillo also come with their new style of Chilean cumbia, as well as Bomba Estereo’s electrodance beats for those summer block parties. Need […]


New World Charts- second week of August

Well it’s already August! Some kids are already heading off Back-to-School (because we all know this magic event deserves a hyphenated proper noun) and us on the quarter system are in the second half of our summer sessions. For driving those young-uns back to their playgrounds here’s some new world music just for you. New […]


New World Charts: End of July

This week’s new world chart for your summer soundtrack! In our top spot we have Mexican pop-rock star Natalia Lafourcade, with her new and more mellow album, with a more traditional instrumentation. Mbongwana Star with their debut has a wonderfully unique take on Afrobeat and electronic rock. And for some jazz and salsa to hold […]