Public Service Announcements (PSAs) can help get the word out about your event!

The airing of Public Service Announcements is essential to KZSC’s mission to serve and inform the public. KZSC takes seriously its role to assist non-profit organizations who receive little exposure through commercial and corporate media sources.

How PSAs are selected for broadcast

  • PSAs are initially processed by the KZSC PSA director. Those deemed suitable for broadcast are provided to on-air staff; the rest are recycled.
  • On-air staff then select PSAs to read or play over the air. They may select any PSA available to them, and are encouraged to provide each announcement with an equal amount of air time. A sophisticated logging system is employed to document each airing. PSAs are aired at a minimum of two per hour, 18-24 hours per day.
  • As a PSA nears its pull date, air time generally increases. On the pull date, it is then removed from the PSA pool and recycled.
  • No specific content criteria are used in the selection or rejection of Public Service Announcements. Generally, PSAs closer to and more pertinent to the UCSC, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Bay communities are favored over statewide or national PSA’s.
  • PSAs are generally rejected for logistical reasons such as late submission, illegibility, verbosity, and improper formatting.

Submitting a PSA

Please check out the PSA guidelines before submitting a PSA.

KZSC prefers that you submit your PSA by email to or through the contact form below 2-3 weeks prior to the date on which the PSA should no longer be broadcast (pull or kill date).  However, you may also submit PSAs by mail by sending them to the following address:

KZSC Santa Cruz, ATTN: PSA Director
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

KZSC can process all media formats in common usage (Paper, Fax, CD, Audio Cassette, LP, DAT, MP3, WAV, etc.).

Please fill out this form to submit your PSA or to contact the PSA Director.
  • In case we need to get in touch
  • Paste the text of your PSA here. Do not enter any comments or text that should not be read on-air!
  • Enter the date (MM/DD/YYYY) your PSA will expire/no longer be valid
  • Enter any questions or comments you have for the PSA Director here.